‘Impressive’ pile of Stella cans cleared from hoarder’s home

It was enough to fill an entire lorry Professionals removed a staggering mountain of Stella Artois beer cans from a hoarder’s house after being called in to clear the property.
Last month, UK-based business Clear Junk cleared the hoarder’s home, removing what they described as an “impressive” amount of cans.

In photos shared by the waste management firm on Facebook, masses of empty Stella cans can be seen throughout the dwelling.

One of those who was involved in the clean-up operation, Matt Goodman, said the hoard was impressive and that it was “up there” with the worst jobs he has had to do.

Speaking to Plymouth Live, he said: “To be honest, nothing shocks us anymore. We come and clear it and then that’s our job done.
The mounds of rubbish were ’90 percent beer cans’ but also included rotten food and old takeaways (Clear Junk)

“Nothing fazes me now, as you can imagine. We do this day in, day out but to be fair this job was impressive, I’ve never seen that many cans. We managed to fill an entire cage tipper with just cans.”

Despite the huge amount of rubbish, Matt and his two colleagues were able to clear the property in one day. Along with the cans, the mess was made up of rotten food and old takeaways.

Matt said: “There was lots of leftover takeaways and food wrappers but 90% of it was cans.

“We managed to clear it within a day. There were three of us there so we just cracked on really.”

But he’s not hopeful for the property surviving in its current state, and has suggested it “needs ripping out” by any future owner.
It took the three workers just a day to clear out the property (Clear Junk) He explained: “The roof has been leaking over the years, there have been rats, there have been mice and there was a cat and a dog there at some point.

“You can imagine where all the food has been rotting and where the beer cans were there were no carpets so it’s all dripped through the floorboards. The smell is still there because it’s all soaked in.

“To be fair, it didn’t smell like alcohol. I think because it had been like it for so long it was just the smell of rotting food.”

Along with specialising in clearing out hoarder houses, Clear Junk also offer their services to vulnerable people, such as the elderly or those suffering from mental health issues, helping them clear out any rubbish in their homes and “get back on track.”

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