Groom's "Disrespectful" Wedding Vows Sets Off Red Flags, Leaving Viewers Shocked

This is what NOT to say to a loving partner on your wedding day. A groom on TikTok has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after his wedding vows were branded as "disgusting" and "humiliating".
Wedding videographer Jonathan Pajak shared the vows of Michael Lentini to TikTok, and unsurprisingly, viewers were left stunned.

Even before the vows, Pajak knew this was going to be a rollercoaster.

"Anything you want to say to your future bride?" Pajak asks from behind the camera before the wedding.

"I hope we have a lot of sex," Lentini says, staring right into the camera. "A lot."

The video then cuts to Lentini's wedding vows.

"Only two things are required to keep me happy: Keep my belly full and my balls empty," Lentini reads.

"While you're amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons."

What a way to kick off your vows.

Lentini then draws you in, thinking he is about to say something sweet.

"There is no one I could ever love more in this lifetime," he said.

Unfortunately, he doesn't stop there.

"Unless I ever get a chance to meet Margot Robbie," he continued.

You were so close.

If you thought the vows couldn't get any worse, you were wrong.

The groom reflects on their life together, explaining how "nothing's better than gagging and headboard slamming" and that his bride has the difficult choice of ending the night as a "toaster strudel or a Twinkie".

It's safe to say viewers did not appreciate the attempt at humour.

"As a divorce lawyer, all I see are 🚩" one user said.

"My jaw was on the FLOOR….. is this real? Immediately no," said another.

A shocked viewer wrote: "I could not even fathom my future person diminishing me in that way. Like not one single thing about who she is was said. It's disheartening. I hurt."

The bride, however, was not a fan of all the negative comments bashing her husband's speech.

"So I'm the bride, and no this isn't a red flag. We have been together for 10 years," she wrote in the comments of the video.

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