Fans Are Angry After Gwen Stefani Performs At Country Music Awards: 'No, No, Please, No'

Gwen Stefani stepped out with her husband, Blake Shelton, for the 2023 CMT Awards. While people loved seeing the couple alongside each other, fans were not at all pleased with Gwen's solo performance. Yikes, right?!
Gwen paired up with Carly Pearce. The two performed a rendition of Gwen's No Doubt hit song "Just a Girl." Apparently, it did not go over well. At all.

Viewers took to Instagram to comment under CMT's official post of the performance. "Theyre both beautiful and talented but this is not country. Just bc she married a country music artist? no, no, please no," one commenter said.

"I love Gwen but this was so random and weird. Cringe," another user said.

Though many people completely disliked the performance, it appears that Gwen didn't allow the backlash to affect her much, if at all. She posted highlights of the night, the biggest being that she and Carly had the opportunity to share the stage.

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