F1 fans call out Sky commentators for repeatedly quoting Taylor Swift songs when speaking about Fernando Alonso

As the Formula 1 resumes in Azerbaijan this weekend, the racing seems to be the least of everyone's concerns. Instead, the focus is on the rumors surrounding F1 icon Fernando Alonso's alleged romantic relationship with Taylor Swift, which have been circulating in recent weeks.
Although there is no official confirmation from either party, Alonso has not denied the speculation, fueling the rumors even more.

Prior to the resumption of F1 this weekend following a brief hiatus, the driver for Aston Martin posted a TikTok video that appeared to address the rumors. In the video, Alonso was seen sitting in a chair and browsing his phone. He then briefly looked up and winked at the camera before returning his attention to his phone. The video was set to a fast-paced rendition of Taylor Swift's song "Karma."
However, there was more to Alonso's TikTok post than just the video. He included the caption "race week era," which some fans believe is a nod to Taylor Swift's current tour titled "Eras." Additionally, many are convinced that Alonso's wink in the video is a playful reference to the rumors about him and Swift.

Sky Sports F1 has picked up on the speculation and incorporated it into their coverage of this weekend's grand prix. However, some fans are starting to find the constant references to Swift a bit irritating. A TikTok video by the account @f1lawra compiled all the Swift puns made by commentator David Croft and pit lane reporter Karun Chandhok on the first day of racing. Among the puns were references to Swift's songs "Bad Blood" and "Blank Space," as well as a remark by Croft about "a swift drive by Fernando Alonso" and Alonso "driving a getaway car," alluding to Swift's 2017 single.
Former F1 driver Chandhok joined in on the fun as well by referencing Taylor Swift's song "Don't Blame Me" in relation to a car issue that the Aston Martin driver experienced. The puns made by the commentators on Sky Sports F1 about the rumored relationship between Alonso and Swift have garnered a lot of attention from fans.

Some have expressed surprise at commentator David Croft's knowledge of Swift's songs and references, while others have found the crossover between F1 and Taylor Swift unexpected. On Twitter, one user commented that the Sky Sports commentators wouldn't stop talking about Alonso and Swift. It's clear that the commentators won't be running out of Swift-related jokes anytime soon.

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