Elon Musk hits back at Stephen King after author suggested he should donate blue tick cost to charity

Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion last year, the social media platform has experienced a multitude of significant events. The company has undergone numerous staff layoffs, and Musk has implemented several modifications to Twitter policies, making the platform appear substantially different than it did a year ago.
One of the changes Musk made that attracted criticism is to the verified badges, which used to be awarded to users and companies with large followings. Presently, obtaining a blue tick for a Twitter account is no longer through a verification process but instead through a monthly fee of $8 for individuals and a whopping $1,000 for companies. Recently, Musk removed the verification badges from approximately one million users, although some had their badges reinstated or were never removed, such as author Stephen King.

In response, King suggested that Musk donate his blue tick to the Prytula Foundation, which offers essential services in Ukraine, and added that Musk could contribute more than the $8 cost.
From that, it certainly sounds like King is displeased with the gift from the Twitter head-honcho.

But Musk has since replied to the author in true Musk style.

"I’ve donated $100M to Ukraine, how much have you donated?(We turned down the DoD money btw)," he replied.
It is unclear if this marks the conclusion of the matter, but if King retaliates again, we can expect some intriguing Twitter conflict in the near future.

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