Crowds gathered at Hyde Park on 4/20 convinced Snoop Dogg just turned up to smoke weed

Just like seeing Father Christmas everywhere you turn in December, 4/20 is upon is, and people are convinced they've run into Snoop Dogg himself.
You might be thinking you've just had a little bit too much of God's lettuce and that your glazed eyes are tricking you into seeing Snoop, but you're not alone.
Dressed in white converse, blue trousers and a blue shirt advertising cannabis subscription service Releaf, the man emerged from a crowd of people at Hyde Park.

He strolled cooly through the grass, looking every bit as chilled out as someone who's spent the morning smoking it.

He also wore sunglasses and didn't stop to talk to anyone, but that didn't stop people trying to get selfies with Father 4/20.

One person who shared footage from Hyde Park couldn't believe the situation unfolding in front of their eyes, writing: "Imagine you are on the Zaza and snoop dogg starts walking straight up in front of you…"

Another person, who was in Hyde Park at the same time as the man, made clear they were convinced by the sighting as they wrote: "Just saw snoop dogg in hyde park??"

It's definitely a baffling scene, but is it too good to be true?

Well, Snoop would have a good reason to visit Hyde Park today, as marijuana users unite there every year to call for it to be decriminalised.
Pro-weed site Hemp Elf advertised the gathering and encouraged people to join in, writing: "The term 420 has become a symbol of unity and celebration within the cannabis community. It represents a shared understanding and passion for the plant and its potential benefits.

"By coming together on April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts worldwide show their support for legalisation, responsible use, and ongoing research into the plant's many applications."

If there's anyone we could expect to back the decriminalisation of weed, then it would be Snoop. But would he show up with seemingly very little security, and wearing a t-shirt advertising another brand?

It's not impossible but it seems more likely that there just so happens to be a very good Snoop lookalike out there who took the opportunity to embody the rapper and show off Releaf - an all-in-one medical cannabis subscription service.

Still, whether the D-o-g-g was really there or not, the mere idea of him joining in with the protest will definitely make people happy.

And if nothing else, I'm sure Snoop wants people to be happy on 4/20.

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