Conjoined twins explain how they make intimacy work as one twin has a boyfriend and one is asexual

Lupita and Carmen Andrade, who are conjoined twins and migrated from Mexico to the US in their infancy, have discussed the dynamics of their romantic relationships. One of the twins has a boyfriend, while the other identifies as asexual. The twins are connected at the torso and share a pelvis and reproductive system, but possess two arms and only one leg each.
Carmen is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinary nurse through her studies in college, while Lupita has a different goal in mind. Lupita aims to become a technician in the veterinary field and eventually wants to pursue her passion for comedy writing.

The sisters spoke to about how intimacy functions for them given that one sister, Lupita, is asexual while the other, Carmen, is in a relationship. Carmen shared that she met her boyfriend Daniel on a dating app and had to be cautious due to past negative experiences with men.

The sisters have experienced objectification and fetishization since they were young, with people showing interest in them due to their conjoined condition and the idea of having sex with two people at once. However, Carmen found Daniel to be different from others she had encountered, as he did not initially focus on their condition.

The couple has been together for two and a half years and has discussed the possibility of engagement but wants to live together first.

Lupita is accommodating of their time together and often selects the meeting place and restaurant when they go out. The sisters do not plan to have children due to medical reasons.

Despite being expected to only live for three days at birth, the sisters have undergone physical therapy together and achieved milestones such as learning to sit and walk.

In a previous interview on the Jubilee YouTube channel, they also discussed setting boundaries.
Carmen disclosed that one of the limits was the couple's sexual activity, and she confirmed that they were not involved in it. Nonetheless, Carmen stated that her partner was accepting of their decision.

According to Carmen, the entire experience was a learning process for all involved, as they had to establish which boundaries were acceptable and which were not.

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