Christian OnlyFans star says she does porn because it is 'God's message'

A woman who identifies as a Christian and works as an adult content creator on OnlyFans has stated that she sees her pornographic work as conveying a message from God.
She believes that her religious beliefs are in harmony with her chosen profession. The 35-year-old has admitted that she feels a stronger connection to her faith since making the significant career transition.

Courtney Tillia confidently maintains that her experience on OnlyFans has brought her closer to God than ever before.

The star first switched careers seven years ago and has since stated that she believes the Almighty God put her on earth with a goal to help 'liberate' women from sexual shame.

In an interview with the Daily Star on April 23rd, Courtney shared that she believes being a porn star is her calling from God and her way of serving others.

Prior to joining the industry, Courtney was a high school teacher but felt unfulfilled and disconnected from her purpose, which affected her spiritual well-being.

She left teaching in 2016 and was initially hesitant about starting a career in porn, but with the encouragement of her husband Nick, she was able to overcome her fears and pursue her passion.
Her initial anxiety over the career change, according to Courtney, was a result of her disciplined Christian upbringing which she has since pointed to as the source of her guilt.

"I had so much sexual shame of my own at first. I remember being at a photoshoot that had several porn stars, and I was so triggered," she told the outlet.

"I could feel the judgments that society and religion had instilled in me and I was very aware of it."

The OnlyFans star claimed: "That part of me felt like their sexual choices and expression were wrong and immoral. I even felt wrong by the association in that moment - but that didn’t feel like God telling me to feel that way."
Courtney's new-found calling was instantly successful with many subscribers praising her for helping them rid their own shame attached to sex leading the woman to believe that her work was part of God's greater plan.

She said: "I now reject any teaching or institutions that depicts God as an entity to be feared or to be judged by.

"God is loving, not fearful; and accepting, not judgmental."

The woman went on to declare that people are 'not meant to suppress or deny things like our pleasure and sexual expression'.

Instead, she claims, individuals should 'enjoy and embody them full' just as 'God intended'.

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