Bride-to-be hit with backlash after revealing she isn't taking husband's last name

A bride-to-be has been forced to defend herself from trolls, after announcing that she wouldn't be taking her husband's last name, when they tie the knot.
Claudia Sokolova does her best to help future brides and people planning their weddings, by sharing useful tips for the big day on TikTok, with many of her viewers typically thankful for the advice.

Her posts come as she prepares to walk down the aisle herself later this year, but when she shared a personal post about what her name would be after getting married, viewers decided it was the perfect time to stick their noses in.

Claudia shared her first post about changing her name in January, when she recalled asking her fiancé whether he'd change his name for her, and learned that he wouldn't.

"That's a done deal, baby. I'm not changing my name," Claudia said.
The wedding coach went on to explain that she's the last person in her family to carry her name, so she doesn't want to lose it for the sake of tradition.

Claudia insisted she and her fiancé had it all figured out, with plans to hyphenate their last names for their future children, but she was forced to share another post a couple of weeks ago after the first sparked criticism.

"Some people really did get really angry about this," Claudia said in her more recent video. "Some people even said they wished that I would get divorced and for my partner to run."

She offered a more in depth explanation for her choice, explaining that she likes her current name and that she 'just didn't feel comfortable' changing it.

"I'm the last person in my family to have it," Claudia continued.
She went on to acknowledge people's warnings that having a hyphenated last name 'was horrible for their upbringing', but said she and her fiancé planned to 'cross that bridge when [they] get to it'.

"We are thinking of hyphenated names... together it kind of sounded cool," she said.

The TikToker attempted to prevent any further backlash by insisting that she and her fiancé made the decision 'together', adding: "I wasn't the one who sat there like 'I'm not changing my name for you and I don't care what you say'. We decided not to do this together."

Claudia's latest video has thankfully received a lot of support, with many followers responding to say they'd made the same decision when getting married, while others insisted everyone should be able to make their own choice about their name.

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