Ben Affleck speaking fluent Spanish is tripping people out

Ben Affleck’s recent interview with La Cadena SER, a radio network in Spain, has gone viral on social media. In the interview,
Affleck spoke about his new film “Air” in Spanish and impressed many people who did not know that he was conversationally fluent in the language.

The radio network posted a portion of the interview on TikTok where Affleck explains some of his thought process behind the film in pretty impressive Spanish, even joking with ease in the language.

This isn’t the first time Affleck has displayed his bilingual skills.

He has used Spanish in press interviews on red carpets and with paparazzi. Affleck learned Spanish when he was 13 years old while living in Mexico for a year filming a television show.

He also shared that his daughter Violet with ex-wife Jennifer Garner was studying Spanish in school and had gotten so good that it had encouraged him to improve his language skills so that she would not surpass him

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