Ashley Graham crowned the 'World's Sexiest Woman'

Maxim magazine has declared Ashley Graham as the 'World's Sexiest Woman' for 2023. To mark her achievement, the 35-year-old mother of three is featured on the cover of Maxim's exclusive 'Hot 100' edition, and is praised in the accompanying cover story.
The article lauds Graham as the "Queen of Curves," praises her beauty and inspirational qualities, and describes her as "an absolute goddess of the runway."

In addition, the supermodel shared her thoughts on being recognized and her body image in a candid manner, expressing that "Instead of viewing people's body shapes, sizes, gender, ethnicity, and age as either positive or negative attributes, we can accept them as integral parts of who they are."
In her statement, she states that our bodies are constantly transforming and adapting, and that she has utilized her own body as a means of expressing these emotions.

Such messages demonstrate why Graham is a worthy recipient of the title, triumphing over notable figures such as Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, and Doja Cat.

She now joins an esteemed group of individuals who have been bestowed with the honor, including Teyana Taylor (the first Black woman to receive the title in 2021), Jessica Alba (2001), Jennifer Garner (2002), Jessica Simpson (2004), Rosie Hunting
After informing her 20 million Instagram followers, a large number of fans of hers inundated her comment section with compliments.

One individual expressed, "Due to you, Ashley, I no longer feel embarrassed about the extra weight I have gained as I've grown older. Thank you for assisting me in embracing that aspect of myself. I wish you had been present when I was much younger and made to feel ashamed of my curves and excess weight. I'm delighted that with time comes understanding, insight, and acceptance."

A second person added, "Today is my birthday, and I want to express my gratitude to you for being such a source of motivation for me."

Lastly, a third person wrote, "You are deserving of this recognition, and thank you for being such an optimistic role model."

Graham and her husband Justin Ervin have been married for 13 years and have three children together.

Their children include Isaac, born in 2020, and twin sons Malachi and Roman, who were born in 2022. Graham has consistently emphasized the importance of representation for plus-size women. She gained recognition in December 2022 for her response to a journalist who criticized the "fat positivity movement."

The journalist, Sameera Khan, who identifies as an "anti-woke journalist," made the comment in a tweet that was quickly removed, as reported by the Independent.

Despite this, Graham did not let it dampen her spirits and instead shared a gorgeous photo of herself in an outfit with the caption: "Reply to this tweet with a picture of yourself taking 'fat positivity' to the next level. I'll go first."

Truly, if she continues to be such a trailblazer, she may very well be awarded the title of "World's Sexiest Woman" again next year.

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