As you perform bench press, you can hear the painful scream of the Mountain as his pectoral muscle tears.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has suffered a brutal and gut-wrenching injury during a bench press.

The former World's Strongest Man, who also goes by the name The Mountain and Thor, was competing in a powerlifting event when he attempted to raise some iron.

On his third attempt, the bar, which was loaded with 252.5kg of weight, came down onto his chest and the strongman's head turned red.

The left pec tore during this moment and he got some assistance in getting the bar back up.

The camera panned around to the audience and many could already tell something had gone horribly wrong.

It certainly looked like a painful moment for the powerlifter and one that could set him back weeks or even months in recovery.

Strength coach Sebastian Oreb posted a video of Thor's second attempt at bench press at that competition, which was successful.
However, he wrote in the caption: "He went for 252.5kg and his pec tore which put an end to the competition for Thor.

"I decided not post the injury until Thor announces it to his audience.

"Time will tell what will be involved in his recovery as well as how it will impact his training moving forward, but Thor stayed around for the rest of the day to support all of the competitors at the show."

Loads of Björnsson's fans flocked to the comments section to wish him a speedy recovery.

One person wrote: "He'll be back, no doubt about that."

Another added: "Horrible sound but the fact that he stuck around sounds promising. I hope it's a good fix and he recovers well."

A third said: "You did so great @thorbjornsson it’s such a shame this happened to you, but you are the strongest man in the world and we know you can conquer it all."

Björnsson hasn't yet posted on social media to reveal how bad the injury is and whether it will cause a delay in his preparations for Strongman 2024.

He revealed earlier this year that he was coming out of retirement after speaking with his wife and coaches.

Before he attends the annual event next year, he has his eyes set on breaking the all-time powerlifting record.

He wants to beat Dan Bell’s record of 2,606.9lbs (1,182kg), which has been unbroken since the 2021 WRPF Hybrid Showdown III.

Here's hoping he can get back on that horse and keep doing what he loves.

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