Andrew Tate says he could have been poisoned after posting footage of health deteriorating

Andrew Tate, a notorious influencer, has suggested that he could have been subjected to poisoning, following his tweet about experiencing sudden health problems.
He is presently confined to his home in Romania, as he faces allegations of organized crime and human trafficking, charges he refutes.

On December 29, the influencer and his brother were detained and held in jail for an extended period before being released to serve their sentence under house arrest. The influencer, who is notorious for his chauvinistic and misogynistic beliefs, has since returned to his residence and declared that "the flames of truth will ultimately obliterate all falsehoods."

Although the period of his confinement was scheduled to conclude on April 29, it has been prolonged by an additional 30 days, indicating that Tate and his sibling Tristan will remain in their home until at least May 29.
The influencer who is known for his controversial opinions has alleged in the past that he was targeted by 'the matrix'. He claimed that he was assaulted while in jail, which resulted in his hospitalization. Recently, he has made similar accusations after experiencing an adverse reaction.

He took to Twitter to share his symptoms which included a swollen face, high blood pressure, burning skin, and difficulty breathing.

He suspected that he was suffering from some kind of severe reaction or poisoning despite having only consumed water and coffee.

He posted a picture and video of himself to accompany his tweet. Later, he shared a video of a red rash that appeared on his body, stating that he was 'gathering chi'. A member of his team then shared that he was not allergic to anything and had only consumed water and coffee.

They suspected that he might have been bitten by an insect or subjected to some kind of attack, which he referred to as "matrix attack insanity," and he was refusing to see a doctor. Instead, he was focusing on drinking tea and breathing. His team assured that they would keep everyone updated.

A new update revealed that Andrews is doing okay despite his pain. He apparently mentioned that pain is just a part of life and that the doctor will inject him with an unknown substance which will ultimately kill him. Despite this, Andrews refuses medical attention and is currently sitting in the lotus position while drinking tea. It is unclear where this sudden turn of events came from.

Previously, Tate expressed his fear of getting shot after leaving prison as he claimed that "stage 3 approaches," although it is uncertain what this actually means.

Since April 2022, the influencer has been under investigation for possible human trafficking. Following his arrest alongside his brother, Romania's Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) disclosed that victims were subjected to physical violence and mental coercion after being lured into trafficking.

DIICOT further added that these victims were forced to perform pornographic acts. Apart from the investigation for human trafficking, organized crime and rape, Tate is also facing a lawsuit from three women who allege that he raped and abused them. The women claim that they were webcam models for Tate in 2013 and that they reported the abuse to the police previously.

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