Andrew Tate criticizes Sam Smith for 'openly worshipping the devil'

Andrew Tate has expressed his opinions about singer Sam Smith, who has recently been in the news due to their performances of their song "Unholy", which tells the story of an adulterous relationship.
Smith has been criticized for wearing flamboyant and demonic outfits during their live performances of the track, such as a red outfit with a horned top hat at the Grammy Awards. Some viewers labeled the performance as "satanic".
More recently, Smith wore an all-black ensemble with devilish accessories during their Gloria tour, which received mixed reactions on social media. Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer who has been released from prison while under investigation for various crimes, has criticized Smith for "openly worshipping the devil" after seeing footage from their concert.

Tate, who openly discusses his Islamic beliefs, shared the footage with his followers and called out Smith, while also misgendering the non-binary singer.

Many of Tate's followers agreed with his sentiments, while others called him out for attacking Smith. Some pointed out that Smith's outfits are simply a reflection of the theme of their song, and that they are not dressing any differently from other music stars.

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