After embracing her natural beauty, a woman received an outpouring of support.

The internet can typically be a cruel place, but it turns out that there are some parts of it that are actually uplifting as one woman found out recently.
Sophie Mair, better known by her TikTok username @sophiemairevans, was praised by social media users after she participated in the 'transformation' trend that has been sweeping the video-sharing platform.

The trend sees users, mainly women, share old pictures of themselves and compare them to more recent images to give people an insight into just how much they've changed in such a short period of time.

And Sophie did just that.

In her first photo, she could be seen wearing her hair blonde in a short, sleek style. Her makeup look was bold, with a matte base, thick eyebrows, heavy face contouring with a vibrant lip shade - a classic 2016 glam look.

However, in the second picture, things were a lot more stripped back.

Embracing her natural ginger tone, the influencer showed off her long locks paired with a softer makeup combination. She has a dewy base with warmer tones as well as a nice pink blush and a light lip stain to complete the look.

Though she looks great with both styles, it's definitely a major transformation.

The video, which has since been watched over 7.8 million times, attracted thousands of comments, with many commending the marketing manager for embracing her natural beauty.

"100% improvement," wrote one user, while another was shocked at the fact that she was naturally ginger.

A third described her as the "embodiment of 2016 vs 2021."

Literal facts.
And the shock didn't stop there as many questioned whether the first photo was actually her or not.

One user asked: "Is the first one really you?" This prompted Sophie to confirm that it was.

"My jaw dropped," this person wrote.

Similarly, another stated that she was "NOT ready" for such dramatic results.
Alongside the seven-second clip, Sophie added the caption: "Me one random day deciding to stop bleaching my hair and wearing too much makeup."

Others influencers also received a similar response when they participated in the trend.

Venus Turner, an Australian fashion influencer, stated that her transformation came when she realized that "thick lashes and heavy make up" wasn't for her anymore.

Her video had the same premise as Sophie's, showing an old photo wearing a bold glam look and comparing it to a more recent, natural one.

The clip has been watched a whopping 17 million times and also received praise in the comment section.

"Less is more," one user said and another doubled down on the view, referring to the influencer as a "natural beauty."
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