A man declines to share a bed with his spouse because she does not take a shower before going to bed.

A man has sparked a fierce debate after admitting he won't share a bed with his wife unless she showers first because of her job. However, she says he's 'overreacting'
Whether or not to shower before bed is a personal choice, but when it comes to sleeping right next to someone, a certain amount of hygiene is necessary.

One man has divided opinions after admitting that if his wife comes home from work without showering, he sleeps on the couch in protest. He refuses to sleep in the same bed as her, but she thinks he's being "unreasonable".

She works in a hospital and recently admitted she's "exposed to a lot of bodily fluids", so he feels uncomfortable about them sharing a bed – and it's sparked a fierce debate among those who sympathise, and those who don't.
The 33-year-old man, who posted his story anonymously on popular forum Reddit, explained that his wife's a gynaecologist, and he's "proud of her for doing such an important job". However, he added: "I'm uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her without her showering first."

He continued: "I've asked her to take a shower before coming to bed, but she thinks it's unnecessary and feels like I'm being unreasonable. She argues that she wears gloves and takes precautions to avoid any contamination, and that her scrubs are changed regularly.
"However, I still feel uneasy about the potential exposure to bodily fluids, and I don't think it's an unreasonable request for her to take a quick shower before bed. Since my wife doesn't want to shower before bed, I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room instead."

Apparently the wife doesn't understand his reasons for demanding she showers.

Fellow Redditors were divided over the man's demands, and took to the comment section to share their opinions.

Some took sympathy with the husband, with one person saying: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with a quick shower after coming home. And nothing wrong with staying away from someone until they do.

"You were free to ask and she was free to say no.......while accepting the consequences of refusing. You sleep on a lumpy couch and she sleeps alone."
A midwife, who always showers post shift, added: "Healthcare workers should shower first thing after a shift imo. But i also think everyone should shower after work, and at the very least a quick wash before bed."

However, some were less sympathetic. One person said: "My guy, do you know the precautions they take? She's not getting fluid on herself and just leaving it there, you are basically calling her unsanitary when she's probably cleaner than you are."
Another commented: "Your wife sees multiple patients a day. If this was any threat to you she'd have to shower between patients. I bet she doesn't have to do that. Of course she gloves up and wears whatever gear is necessary to not bring 'fluids' home."

In an update to the post, the man acknowledged that opinions were divided, but agreed that he may have "overestimated the hazard her not showering represents". He added: "I will try to find a compromise with her."

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