‘Unless Your CEO Is Pedro Pascal, I Would Riot’: Worker Mocks Her Company’s Employee Appreciation Gift To Her

Have you ever felt undervalued and underappreciated at work? A recent viral TikTok perfectly captures this frustration many employees experience when companies fail to recognize their contributions.

The TikTok, posted on Mar. 1 by Mila (@milaxlares), shows her disappointment at an email she says she received about “Employee Appreciation Day.”

In the video, she says, “I just got an email from my job about Employee Appreciation Day and, you know, you’d think they’d be like, ‘let’s give them a little extra something’ like, a day off, some extra cash, you know… literally anything?”

However, she reveals the “gift” is a sweet treat and a photo with the CEO, stating, “They’re showing us their appreciation for us by allowing us to get our photo taken with the CEO.”

At the end of the video, she sarcastically remarks, “Feeling really appreciated right now.”

The video gained massive traction online, with 679,900 views as of Friday. Many viewers found the video relatable and went to the comments section to share their own ridiculous “Employee Appreciation Day” experiences.

“We get to wear jeans. I work from home,” one commenter said.

“My company gave us ‘the gift of song’ and had a flute player in the lobby,” a second commenter added.

A third commenter shared, “I got an email with a confetti video saying thank you.”

Even the official TikTok page of LinkedIn commented on the TikTok, pointing out the obvious way to show appreciation to your employees without disappointing them. They wrote, “money is a great way to show employee appreciation.”

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