‘I Just Saw A Camera Pointing At Me’: Woman Catches Male Cruise Employee Filming Her In The Women’s Restroom

In a disturbing incident caught on camera, a woman on a Meraviglia cruise ship discovered a male cruise employee allegedly filming her in the women’s restroom. The incident was shared on TikTok by user @Sajacc4 says she caught the employee in the act.

The TikTok video starts with the woman holding the camera, speaking to a male housekeeper, and pointing to one of the stalls in the bathroom. She says, “There’s someone hiding under there, filming. There’s someone hiding under there filming me.”

The male housekeeper is initially confused and asks the woman to clarify. She tells him that it’s a man hiding in the stall and filming her. The housekeeper attempts to knock on the door of the stall and says “housekeeping,” but there is no response from inside.

A female passenger appears, and takes a more aggressive approach, knocking hard on the door, yanking the door handle, and demanding that the man come out. After several attempts, the man opens the door, revealing that he is a cruise employee. His face is red, and he appears extremely embarrassed. All he can manage to utter is, “I was wrong.”

The woman filming the incident and the victim of the alleged filming then speaks to another bystander and says, “I just opened up the bathroom right now. I didn’t know, I just saw a camera pointing at me.” The bystander advises her to try and get the man’s name, and the video ends there.

Accompanying the video is a caption with even more disturbing information. It reads, “This man was in the women’s restroom located at the kids club. Please don’t leave your children unattended on any vacation & be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

The video, which has now accumulated an impressive 10.9 million views as of Sunday, has sparked outrage and concern among viewers. Many are calling for action to be taken against the cruise line, which the TikToker reveals in a comment is Meraviglia, and the employee responsible for the alleged filming.

One commenter wrote, “Sue the Cruise line ASAP. They are a billion-dollar corporation. They can afford it; and also learn a lesson to screen their employees.”

Others shared their negative experiences with the cruise line, with one saying, “There’s so many things wrong with the MSC cruise line, I will never book with them again. They went through our things and gaslit us.”

However, there were also comments praising the woman who got the man to open the door and finally caught him in the act.

One commenter wrote, “I love that lady she don’t play and got him out of there!”

Another expressed concern for the victim and demanded justice, asking, “Please tell me he was arrested. They need to get his phone & search it, along with any computers he may have onboard & at his home.”

In an update to the original TikTok video, the creator shared a message with her followers, stating that the employee had been deported. She emphasizes she had a great time besides this incident and praise the cruise line’s staff.

“I decided to post this video to bring awareness on leaving your children alone in any setting, especially while on vacation,” her update reads. “I want all women to be aware of their surroundings at all times, vacations included. Stay vigilant & safe out there.”

The update includes a caption that reads, “Please keep in mind that this issue IS NOT unique to MSC. Also, to answer your questions, No I have not been compensated in any way shape or form, or had contact with the cruise line. Nor am I interested. Just wanted to spread awareness. Us women have to stick together.”

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