Women Teaches Herself To Sew So She Can Bring Her Grandma's Fashion Designs To Life

Sewing is an art. It is one that takes patience, time, and true talent. Inside Edition recently posted a video about Julia, a woman from Chicago who is the definition of a talented seamstress.
Julia’s inspiration for her designs comes from her grandmother’s sketches from the 1940s. In an interview, Julia says, “I knew she had gone to fashion school in her late teens, early '40s or early '50s. I knew she had dropped out but that was really the extent of what I knew. I didn’t know any other information.”

Julia’s grandmother showed her the designs she made back in fashion school, and Julia's mind was blown. When her grandmother made the comment about wanting her designs to be sent out to magazines when she passed away or to be displayed at her funeral, Julia did not want her to have to wait to witness her designs coming to life.

After sewing her grandmother's designs, Julia has been posting the final products on TikTok, which has made her go viral. One of the more showstopping designs she made was a gorgeous gold ballgown that transforms into a cocktail dress, which took Julia about two months to finish.

Julia taught herself how to sew and has no professional training. Every month or so Julia continues to make her grandmother’s designs a reality. Julia says, “She was very happy. I think she loves getting to connect with me and have something to do because she’s at a stage in life where, you know, many people of her age don’t have many things to do. I think she was really proud and excited that I completed it.”

From the TikToks of her grandmother’s designs going viral, Julia has even gotten offers from people willing to buy her dresses. Julia is very flattered, but she claims since she isn’t an expert, she doesn’t feel comfortable selling them.

Seeing Julia teach herself how to sew with YouTube videos and designing these gorgeous dresses is giving me the confidence to attempt something of my own!

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