Woman who has lived in same house for 102 years puts it on the market

A woman who has lived in the exact same house for over a century has finally put it back on the market.
The resident spent a staggering 102 years in the three-bedroom terrace property - first moving into the house during the Second World War.

And you'll never believe how much the house sold for back in 1921... Talk about a good investment!

Nancy 'Joan' Gifford was born just a matter of months after the end of the First World War.

The Somerset resident first moved into the historic property at just two-years-old in 1921 and lived in it throughout WWII.

Located in the village of Street, which holds a current population of around 11,000 people, the property was purchased for a pittance over a hundred years ago.

Nancy turns an impressive 104 years old today (21 March) with her son, John, 79, still living in the small village with her.
John recalled his memories in the house, saying: "When I was a youngster, there were so many lovely families that lived along the road, and we all knew each other."

He went on to say that the times he and the other children had were 'fantastic'.

John remembered: "Going across the fields, jumping over ditches, bird nesting, and swimming in the rivers, so many things children don't do these days."

"Back in the day," the pensioner continued, "most children our age knew everybody, and we all had an open house, and it was fine to leave your door on the latch."

He concluded: "We were all poor, but everyone was happy."
Nancy's family purchased the house for just a mere £200 - you heard that right - which roughly converts to about £10,000 in today's currency.

But now, more than a century on, they have popped it back on the market and the house has been valued at £169,950.

The estate agents discovered that the terrace house was built in 1882 and originally featured a communal well for the entire road.

However, the family have made numerous changes over the last century to the layout of the property.

When the centenarian first moved in, the kitchen, toilet and wash area were totally exposed to the elements alongside a tin bath being hung on the wall outside of the house.

A new kitchen has since been installed and that exposed area has been covered.
However, many features of the property have stayed the same after all these years - par the odd lick of paint dating back to the early 2000s.

Nancy has decided to finally sell the house in order to move to a nursing home in Glastonbury due to her declining health.

Jack Bartram, the manager of estate agents, Holland and Odam, in Street, explained: "Buying and selling houses is the day job for us, but every so often you stumble across a wonderful story, and Mrs Gifford's is one of those.

"There aren't many who live to the great age of 104, let alone have lived in the same house for 102 years."

He added: "That house must hold so many lovely memories for Mrs Gifford and her family, but now, after more than a century, it's time for another family to make some memories."

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