Woman paralysed after chiropractor visit finally home after eight months of treatment

A young woman who was left mostly paralysed after a trip to the chiropractor went horrifically wrong has finally been able to come home from hospital.
It's been eight months since Caitlin Jensen, 29, first began treatment for her paralysis and four severed arteries.

Medics have been blown away by Caitlin's progress in recovery, and the Georgia Southern University graduate has recently regained movement of her arms, legs, and head.

Caitlin had booked an appointment with a chiropractor for a minor adjustment, after studying for hours on end left her with neck and back problems.

But when the procedure reportedly went wrong, it led to the dissection of four arteries in Caitlin's neck, resulting in a cardiac arrest and a stroke.

Darlene has claimed doctors told her they believed the injury was 'a direct result of the neck manipulation'.

LADbible has contacted the chiropractor's practice for a comment.

For a time, Caitlin was in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury, but as the months have gone on she's made outstanding progress.

That's been with the help of a GoFundMe set up by Caitlin's mother Darlene, which has raised over $167,000.

Now, she's out of hospital and at home - but it's not same house she left eight months ago.
Because of her paralysis, Caitlin's family knew a lot of adjustments would have to be made to accommodate her day-to-day life.

Among the generous people who contributed to Caitlin's cause was a woman named Amy Hupper Barton, who Darlene says helped her find a new house.

While Darlene and Caitlin were in hospital, Barton got to work renovating the home with equipment like ramps, railings, and shower chairs to make it more accessible.

In an update for those following Caitlin's story, Darlene shared this week: "We’ve been home for two weeks, but one of those was spent mostly in the Memorial Trauma ICU unit, so it really feels like we’ve been home for a week."

She added: "Caitlin now has a space that is accessible for her, and is also lovely to be in.
"It is a home of healing, with space to put her equipment, and a space that will grow and evolve with her changing needs.

"It is also a space of streamlined function and practicality from a caregiver’s standpoint, all while being beautiful at the same time."
Darlene continued that, while life will never be the same for her family, some 'beautiful changes' have come about too.

She said: "I have dreams of what this house could do for others as well.

"Maybe some other people with accessibility issues would like to come over and garden in the beautiful raised beds along with Caitlin, or gather around the accessible table that is being built for her and do art projects.

"Maybe her friends would like to come have a little party with her. There is space for these things."

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