Woman lets her husband sleep with other women to make him happy

A woman has revealed that she is fine with her husband sleeping with other women outside of their marriage because she wants to "make him happy".

Working to keep a marriage alive requires effort from both partners, and it usually involves a great deal of trust while getting to spend your life with your best friend.

But what happens when the honeymoon period begins to end and you need to keep the flame alight for many years to come?

Stay-at-home wife Monica believes that she has cracked the code for a long and happy marriage, as she allows her husband, John, to sleep with other women outside of their marriage.

Estimating that "98%" of her day revolves around her husband, Monica was interviewed by the YouTube channel Love Don't Judge where she revealed the ins and outs of her married life.

"I've always had a submissive side since I can remember and I've always been drawn to assertive and dominant males," Monica began while revealing that she was attracted to him because he was "hot" and "played the guitar".

The 37-year-old revealed that at the start of each day, her husband picks her clothes out for her because it makes her feel more confident and "hot" knowing that he selected her outfit for the day.

The pair have been together for six years in what they say is a "traditional marriage" where John is "the man" and makes the rules around the house.

"I enjoy being a traditional housewife because that's my love language. I love to make people I love feel good," Monica continued. It's not like I'm a hopeless little girl, it's not that. It's just he's assertive and I like that in a man."

Monica explained that she has "certain rules" that she follows to keep John happy, many of which include common household chores and that her mother taught her to cook and clean from an early age.

"My mum told me, ‘be pretty and in good shape because nobody wants a fat and ugly wife'," she went on.

John noted that being able to sleep with other women is a "very small part" of their relationship, and they were both "cool with it".

"It's a luxury I have that probably most guys wish they had, just because of genetic programming," John explained. "If you look at all the other mammals, how they do it, typically the alpha male gets to bang all the females."

He continued: "I think it just makes for a much more relaxed relationship because there's nothing in my life that I desire that I can't have. And I think that makes me a better husband."
Monica explained: "I feel like, as a female, I have a different view on sex than a male does. So for a guy, it's just a fun thing. I know in my heart that he loves me because he comes home to me, he takes really good care of me."

It would seem that not everybody is overly keen on the relationship, as Monica's childhood friends reached out to her as she explained: "[They told] me I've lost my dignity as a woman and I also shouldn't have children because I would be a horrible mum because we do what we do."

Monica concluded: "I can see how people that don't know us might think, 'oh that's not healthy', or 'that's bad', but I think if you're a good person and you're with someone you really, really love and you're soulmates, it's a whole different thing. I love my marriage and I love him, and I don't think there's anything stopping us from living like this always."

Monica and John seem content in their marriage, even if her friends are uneasy about the whole thing.

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