Woman due to give birth this month runs 5:17 mile at 9 months pregnant

A woman has once again stunned social media users with her impressive run time while nine months pregnant.

Back in 2020, Makenna Myle went viral on social media after running a mile in an outstanding five minutes and 25 seconds, all while nine months pregnant.

Speaking to Buzzfeed at the time, the 30-year-old professional runner revealed that the time was 100% real and that she has been sprinting five to six times a week throughout her first pregnancy.

"I cut back my mileage a lot and have been a lot slower, but I have been very particular with my strength training to make sure my pelvic shift and added weight didn’t/doesn’t cause any injury," she told the outlet.

Watch a video of her running below:

When Makenna was nine months pregnant with her second baby, she decided to do it all over again - but only this time she did it faster that her first pregnancy.

In February, the mother completed her mile-long run in five minutes, and 17 seconds - making it eight seconds less than the 5:25 mile she ran in 2020.

She took to her Instagram to share a video of the amazing moment and the comment section was flooded with praise from followers.

One user wrote: "5:17 is an amazing time for a 1600 and then being pregnant on top of that is so impressive!!!"
Another person said: "'Have kids and dreams.' Aw HECK yeah!!"
A third commented: "'Have kids and dreams' something I’ve been struggling with on a decision to try out for a semi-pro soccer team thinking I’m 'too old' and because I have kids. Athletes don’t have age limits! Thanks for the reminder that life, dreams, and success DOES NOT have to “stop” after having kids! You are [fire emojis]"
A fourth user shared: "Why are you so dang cool!"
Myler - who is due to give birth on March 15 - told Yahoo that she "can't imagine not running during pregnancy," and shared that she did the race because she and her coach, Ryan Hall, wanted to see how her training was advancing.

"The mile from my first pregnancy was an easy comparison," she said, disclosing that she hadn't run the mile in over a year. She also admitted that it was quite difficult when she did it at the Soka University Indoor Qualifier meet.

"I had to remember that running four laps has to hurt right away, or you're not going to run fast enough," she told the outlet. "I ran too slow the first lap, and then realized I shouldn't be feeling this at ease. The last three laps were much harder."

But the product trainer, from California, said that her body also allowed her to control herself, explaining: "The internal governor will not allow you to push to 100%.

"She's smart enough to never allow the baby any danger. It feels weird trying to go all out, and still having about 10 to 15% in the tank at the end, knowing there was just no way for you to spend it. Our bodies are incredible," she added.

The strong mother voiced to the publication that she wants to challenge the concept of what women can achieve during their pregnancy, saying: "I have a decent following of women who are either mothers, or candidates to be mothers, and are at least partially involved in the running world.

"I want everyone to know - but particularly this slice of the population - that 'reality' as it's been painted for them should always be questioned. Particularly if the message of that 'reality' is some version of 'you can't,'" she concluded.

Congratulations to Makenna on her achievement!

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