Woman applies for her own job after company lists it on LinkedIn for a higher salary

A woman has revealed that she applied for her own job at the company she already works at after seeing it posted on LinkedIn for a higher salary.

On March 7, writer Kimberly Nguyen, who is based in New York City, took to her social media to tell her followers about the job listing she came across on the career site.

The woman didn't specify which company she worked for but said she was prompted to apply for the job after seeing the salary her current employer shared in the job posting.

"My company just listed on LinkedIn a job posting for what I’m currently doing (so we’re hiring another UX writer) and now thanks to salary transparency laws, I see that they intend to pay this person $32k-$90k more than they currently pay me, so I applied," she wrote.

Check out Nguyen's tweets below:

For reference, last November, New York began mandating employers to disclose "a good faith salary range for every job, promotion, and transfer opportunity advertised," per the city's Commission on Human Rights, as cited by The Independent.

On her Twitter page, Nguyen slammed her workplace for several declines, adding: "I don’t want to hear one more peep out of them about diversity, equity, and inclusion."

"I don’t wanna see any more of our C-suite execs recommend books for women’s history month. There were tangible actions they could’ve taken and they chose to perform these values. No thank you," she stated.

She also claimed that she's been "arguing for months" with her employers about income injustice and reportedly asked them for a higher salary.

"I have told my managers multiple times that I know I’m being underpaid," she explained. "I have gotten the runaround, and they know they can do this right now in a tough labor market."

Nguyen disclosed in a post shared later the same day that she was planning to have a meeting with her managers and sarcastically declared that she couldn't wait to see how they were going to explain the job posting.

She then updated her followers about the situation and said: "They’re saying it was an internal posting and wasn't meant for anyone to apply to externally because public companies legally have to post jobs even if it’s an internal conversion."

"But that doesn’t solve the fact that someone internally is now still going to make $32k+ more,” she noted, adding that the discussion then turned into a conversation about potential layoffs.

"Because what better way to get people to take what they’re given and shut up than to threaten them with job loss?" she wrote, before announcing to users that she was "looking for UX writing roles".

As of this writing, Nguyen's initial tweet amassed 12.3 million views and 220.6K likes, with many users applauding her for applying for the job and calling out her company.

One user said: "This is why salary transparency matters. If you work for a large company, search your job on their job listings. If the pay is posted higher, do the same thing. Apply for your own job. Brilliant."

Another person penned: "This is absolutely epic! Good on you on calling them out, what a HUGE pay gap!"

A third remarked: "This thread is as wild as it is infuriating. Kimberly, I really hope you find a decent employer really soon. This is horrifying on the part of your current employer."

Speaking with BuzzFeed, Nguyen revealed that her company has not responded to her application for the higher-paid position, adding: "I'm actually pretty sure they're going to fire me for this whole debacle".

"I was just venting, and I didn’t expect there to be such a reaction to my venting," she continued. "People complain on the internet all the time and it doesn’t go viral. I’m honestly really overwhelmed by all the attention."

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