‘I Know You’re Limited, But You Still Have To Try’: Wheelchair User Says Her Gym Teacher Failed Her Because She Didn’t Do Push-ups Or Squats

Have you ever heard of a gym teacher failing a student because of their disability? Well, that’s exactly what one TikToker claims happened to her, and she’s not letting it slide.

In a viral video posted on Feb. 21, TikToker @gypsy.rose2.0 calls out her gym teacher for failing her assessment simply because she’s in a wheelchair and has correctly indicated on the online submission that she is physically unable to do push-ups and squats.

The TikTok overlay text reads, “Me after submitting that I can’t do any squats or push ups for my assessment BECAUSE I’M IN A WHEELCHAIR and my gym teacher gives me a 0%.”

Accompanying the text, is an ironic use of a snippet from the Rag’n’Bone Man song “Human,” with the lyrics, “I’m only human, after all,” intended to poke fun at the teacher and the ridiculous situation they’ve put the student in.

To add insult to injury, the teacher left a comment in the feedback section of the online assessment, writing, “Are you choosing not to complete?”

The video exploded in views, accumulating an incredible 4.3 million views as of Saturday, sparking outrage in the comments section.

One commenter suggested taking legal action right away, saying, “school board, teacher fired, and lawsuit against them. youd win easily.”

“‘Are you choosing not to complete?’ Are you choosing to lose your job?????” another commenter added.

“This is fucking insane but so, so funny,” a third commenter remarked.

Others shared their own bad experiences with P.E. teachers.

“My PE teacher gave a girl a zero after she didn’t complete the pacer test BECAUSE SHE PASSED OUT DURING IT,” one said.

Another user shared an equally offensive story, sharing, “I had to take a PE class at a Jr college and a girl in my class was graded down for gaining weight. she was pregnant.”

In a follow-up “story-time” TikTok, @gypsy.rose2.0 clarifies that the first video lacked context and explains that since this was her first year in virtual P.E., she was waiting for the IEP (individualized education program) case manager to disclose their disability, and had only hinted at it in a few assignments.

In the same video, @gypsy.rose2.0 provides an update on the situation, stating that they had emailed the gym teacher about the issue and showed an email response of them apologizing for the mistake and promising to remove any assignments that required activities they were unable to complete.

However, the story didn’t end there. The TikToker claims that the gym teacher continued to deduct points and even told them “I know you’re limited, but you still have to try.” The creator says this led to a phone call between her mother and the teacher, who ended up bumping up the student’s grade leading the issue to being resolved.

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