Watch 11-Year-Old Pianist Who Has Been Told He Possesses ‘Mozart’ Level Musical Talent

There are some people out there, kids included, who just seem to have a natural talent for certain things. And that should not only be celebrated but wholly encouraged by those around them.
This video posted by Inside Edition on YouTube shares the amazing story of 11-year-old Jude Kofie, who sat down one day at his family’s electric keyboard and pretty much hasn’t gotten up since.

Jude lives with autism and is happy to sit down and play for at least three hours a day. His dad jokes that there’s constant music playing as his son just never wants to stop.

Inside Edition reports that a local Denver news story showcasing Jude’s talents caught the attention of professional piano tuner Bill Magnusson.

According to CBS News, Bill learned that Jude’s parents have a full house raising four children, and they send money back to family in their home country of Ghana. He felt as though he wanted to do something that would help young Jude build upon his natural musical talents.

This is why Bill took approximately $15,000 of his father’s inheritance and bought Jude a grand piano, which he promises to keep in tune for the rest of his life. Bill is also paying for Jude's lessons.

Jude is learning to read music, and it’s Bill who thinks that this young boy might just be the next Mozart-level piano prodigy.

To hear what Jude’s dad has to say about his son’s talents, and to see for yourself how talented Jude is, check out the full video by Inside Edition.

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