United Flight Attendant Who Documented Her Transition Journey Unexpectedly Dies

Flight attendant Kayleigh Scott has unexpectedly died.
Kayleigh gained international attention after she shared her transition journey through her job at United Airlines in 2020. In a video recording shared at the time, Kayleigh praised the company and her coworkers for supporting her while transitioning.

She said, in part, "This is a story that I know is so important for me to continue sharing. Not for me, but for those out there who are still fighting social norms, the boundaries set upon them, [and] fighting themselves."

She also spoke about the moment she realized she was transgender in an interview on the Something's Coming Up blog. Kayleigh said, "Growing up, living as a boy early on in my life, I started to figure out things were different ... these clothes don't feel right, these toys don't feel right. I was about 9 when I started to realize that ... I don't think I'm a boy."

In 2021, Kayleigh sounded upbeat about her journey. She wrote on Facebook, "Two years ago I came out and made my transition public. It's remarkable to reflect on the past two years and see how much I've grown emotionally, physically and spiritually! Despite the challenges I have faced along the way, I have managed to stand taller and continue fighting for myself and everyone out there who does not have the privilege to use their own voice. Here's to being unapologetically me. #BeCounted."

Kayleigh's death came as a surprise. She told her family, friends, and followers on Facebook, "As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better. To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated."

Kayleigh's original video with United is below.

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