Tim Conway Spills Joke That Made A Co-Star Wet His Pants On The Carol Burnett Show

In a 2013 interview with Tim Conaway, Jimmy O' Connan explained that he used to watch The Carol Burnett Show to see Tim's comedy in action.

Conan expressed how much the show would make him laugh. He also remembered one skit, in particular, that was very funny. Conan remembered how Tim's co-star Harvey Korman could barely hold his composure. The act was so funny that Harvey was laughing during the entire bit.
In a 2013 interview with Conan O'Brien, Tim Conway revealed how he made a co-star wet his pants. Before hearing the hilarious story, Conan expresses his admiration for Tim. Tim Conway immediately remembered the skit and revealed that the joke had actually caused Harvey Korman to wet his pants. Conan was surprised to hear this and immediately asks if Tim is telling the truth.

Tim stood by his description of the event and explained that Harvey was laughing too hard to control his bladder. Fortunately, Conan had a clip of the actual skit ready to play for the audience. In the scene, Tim was a dentist who was supposed to be operating on his patient who was played by Harvey. Tim was a clumsy dentist who kept poking himself with the novocaine instead of the patient.
During the same interview with Conan, Tim revealed that the comedy sketch was actually inspired by a true event. Tim was a soldier in the military before becoming a comedian. In the final days of his stint with the military, Tim went to go see the base's dentist.

When the dentist poked Tim's cheek with novocaine, the needle went clear through the cheek and into the dentist's own thumb. Despite the numbness in his hand, the dentist wanted to continue with the operation. Tim clearly refused the advances and waited for another dentist to perform the operation.
When Tim eventually started working in comedy, he knew that this story would make a great sketch. The Carol Burnett Show was the perfect opportunity for Tim to reenact this hilarious story. Time decided to play the incompetent dentist, and Harvey ended up playing the unwilling patient.

During the reenactment, the dentist pokes himself multiple times with the novocaine and insists on continuing with the procedure. Harvey can be seen squirming in the dentist's chair. He cannot hold his composure from all of the laughing. The audience loved watching the iconic skit and appreciated hearing the hilarious details that Tim added.

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