Tiger Woods Denies 'Oral Tenancy Agreement' That Gives Ex Erica Herman 5 Years In His Home

Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend Erica Herman is battling the trust that owns his Florida home in court. Herman is alleging that the trust misled her into believing she and Woods were going on a short vacation before locking her out of the home that they shared.
Herman is arguing that she and the trust had an "oral tenancy agreement" that would allow her to live in the home for an additional five years.

Lawyers for the trust have denied the claim. They explained, "During their relationship, Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as his guest in the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Ms. Herman. Nor was there ever a written tenancy agreement between Mr. Woods or the Trust, on the one hand, and Ms. Herman, on the other hand."

The statement continued, "Mr. Woods never transferred to Ms. Herman any ownership interest in or rights of possession to the Residence."

The trust has also argued that Woods put Herman up in a "luxury resort" following their breakup and that he gave her money to help her find a new place to live.

Herman has also requested that the 2017 NDA she signed with Woods be nullified. Woods is reportedly concerned about what information Herman might come forward with. A source told People, "It terrifies him, and she knows that because they’ve talked about it. There’s a lot of panic right now."

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