The couple intends to make a permanent home on cruise ships as it is more economical than paying for a mortgage.

A couple from Washington has been living on cruise ships for the past year as they found it to be more cost-effective than paying off their mortgage.
Angelyn Burk, 53, and her husband Richard, 51, share a passion for cruising and had planned to travel around the world at least once a year.
After analyzing the expenses, they discovered that they could retire and live on cruise ships earlier than expected by spending an average of $86 a day. With a combination of their life savings and the expected sale of their expensive home in Seattle, the couple has been able to make their dream retirement life a reality.
They left their jobs and home in May 2021 and have since become accustomed to the seafaring lifestyle. They use loyalty memberships and sales to keep their expenses within budget and have slept on land only a few times.
They plan to visit every corner of the world and have already taken several long trips to destinations like Italy, Canada, and the Bahamas. The couple believes that this lifestyle is achievable for anyone who is willing to put in the effort and recommends trying long-term cruises before making it a permanent arrangement.

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