Son of Murdaugh housekeeper who died wants body exhumed in case of foul play

The son of the Murdaughs' housekeeper who died at the family's South Carolina home in 2018 wants her body exhumed to determine whether foul play was a factor in her death.

Gloria Satterfield, who was employed by the Murdaugh family for over two decades, passed away at the home of her employers in February 2018.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, her death was deemed an accidental trip and fall, but police launched a new investigation last year, confirming that Gloria's remains would be exhumed.

Speaking out on the decision, one of the late housekeeper's sons, Michael "Tony" Satterfield, told Chris Cuomo on his show that they want to "see if there's any foul play or anything."

When asked if he thinks foul play was indeed a factor in his mother's death, Tony said: "No, I do not," telling Chris that all he wants is reassurance.

Chris then mentioned some of the comments made by Alex Murdaugh's brother, Randy Murdaugh, days after Alex was found guilty of the 2021 murders of his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22.

Speaking to The New York Times, Randy said his newly-convicted brother Alex has lied and stolen from his own clients. Despite saying he did not know for certain whether Alex had murdered his wife and son, he believes the disgraced lawyer "knows more than what he's saying."

Randy added: "He's not telling the truth, in my opinion, about everything there."

In response to the comments, Tony remarked: "I guess it means a lot."

Tony's attorney Eric Bland said that Randy's comments are evidence that he is "separating" from his family, stating that he rarely attended his brother's explosive double murder trial.
Speaking about Gloria's passing, Eric went on: "Everything around Alex is danger, lies, deception. We know that he capitalized on Gloria's death financially and used it as an opportunity to enrich himself at the expense of the boys who were exploited in this process."

Eric said that exhuming Gloria's body could give officials more information on how exactly she died.

"The police have some doubts about Alex's story. He told an insurance adjuster exactly what he thought happened, which is that the dogs pushed Gloria down the stairs. It's gonna be difficult when they exhume her body, Chris, to really determine were those done by human hands or by the fall," he said.

"She flipped twice obviously ...," the lawyer continued. "She had significant closed-head injury and open-head injury with 12 broken ribs. The real issue is gonna be if somebody was told before Paul and Maggie died — or Alex goes off to jail, Alex obviously isn't going to say anything — if they know something."

Eric then explained why he doesn't believe anyone killed Gloria.

"I don't think anybody would try to kill her and then let her get in an ambulance to go to a hospital to get medical treatment only to survive and say, 'Look, I didn't get pushed down the stairs by dogs, it was by human hands.' "

Tony then spoke about Alex allegedly trying to steal from the Satterfields after Gloria died, saying he felt "betrayed".

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