‘And That’s Still Cheaper Than Eating Out’: Shopper Spends Over $1,000 On Groceries At Sam’s Club

From ordering kids’ meals to turning to dollar store chains like Dollar General, adult consumers have proven they’re willing to try a lot to get some relief from higher-than-ever grocery bills due to inflation.

A Walmart customer recently demonstrated just how expensive grocery items have gotten, comparing her shopping list in 2021 to today. For example, she spent $5.38 on a bag of cheese in 2021. Today, that same bag of cheese cost her a whopping $17.68.

Another content creator, Summer (@summerreignhenning), just shared what it takes to feed a family these days: $1,157.18. Summer, who recently reached 1 million followers, takes viewers grocery shopping with her in one of her latest videos, which garnered 1.1 million views within 24 hours. Her first stop is Sam’s Club, where she loads up on snacks and spends $857.39. She then heads over to Kroger, where she gets items she “either couldn’t find at Sam’s or just didn’t need in bulk,” bringing her total to $1,157.18. She says refrigerated items last a month, and the pantry items last two months.

While the bill seems high, viewers are praising Summer for shopping for groceries in bulk.

“When you think about it…it’s way cheaper to do it this way!!!” one viewer wrote.

“That’s not bad for a month of groceries!!’ a second complimented.

“That’s a damn good price. Cuz i kno the bulk is what costs the most,” a third echoed.

Others shared how much money it takes to feed their own families.

“That’s really not bad. We are at about 1600 a mo & have 7 kids. 3 are in diapers too. We also spend extra to eat clean. Good job y’all!” one user said.

“That’s about right. I spend $500 every two weeks at Walmart,” a second shared.

“I spent 1200 on groceries last week for my family of 6 and that’ll last us just 2 weeks, maybe 3, a month if I’m lucky,” a third commented.

Time reports that while grocery prices may continue to increase, they should stabilize soon. But it may take a while for them to go back down. This means TikTokers who share money-saving hacks may continue to get more popular, and we’re bound to see more content regarding the prices of groceries and how to save on meals flourish.

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