Read the handwritten letter convicted killer Anthony Fucci wrote to judge and victim's family

A handwritten letter penned by Anthony Fucci - a Florida teen convicted of murdering his 13-year-old classmate - has been released.

Back on Mother's Day in 2021, Aiden Fucci fatally stabbed cheerleader Tristyn Bailey 114 times and left her body in the woods in St. Johns County in northeastern Florida.

At the time of Bailey's brutal killing, state attorney R.J. Larizza revealed that "at least 49 of those stab wounds were to the hands, arms and the head" as the young teen attempted to defend herself from Fucci's attack.

After entering a guilty plea last month, Fucci - now 16 - was charged as an adult for first-degree murder. On Friday, he was sentenced to life in prison. He had escaped the death penalty due to his age at the time the crime was committed.
Prior to his sentencing, Fucci penned a letter to both Circuit Judge R. Lee Smith - who sentenced the teen - and Bailey's family.

After obtaining the letter and subsequent court documents related to the case, the Florida Times-Union has shared the letter's contents. In the letter, Fucci apologizes for killing Tristyn Bailey - whose name he misspells on more than one occasion.

"My name is Aiden Fucci, I am 16 years old," he writes. "First off I want to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the pain I caused to the Baily [sic] family. I sorry to the friends, brothers, sisters, mom, dad and any other family relatives.

"I'm sorry that you didn't get to know her that long. You did not have any long relationships with Tristen [sic] and for that I'm sorry."
The teenager continues: "For the community, I'm sorry I brought all this pain on everybody and I'm sorry and I know my apology will not fix anything or bring her back but I hope it help in some way."

The convicted killer then addressed his father, writing: "And for my dad, I'm sorry that he had a bad spot in his work because of me. I miss being outdoors with my dad and brothers. I miss the fun we had like four-wheeling, paint-balling, going on the long car trips ... Dad your [sic] special because you made fun out of nothing. Love you."
Fucci then writes to his mother, saying: "To my mom I want to send my apawlogy's as well. I'm sorry that she had to move her house because people were sending threats to the house and my family. And that my little brother and sister had to chage school's because of me. Mom now I miss your lemon peper chicken. I miss your hug's. I miss you.

"The longer I'm in her the more I forget the more memories I lose. I'll never forget you love me."
Following Fucci's sentencing, members of Bailey's family paid tribute to the late cheerleader, with her father saying: "Tristyn, I wanted to let you know we are so extremely proud of the person that you were in your time here."

Her sister, Alexis, also dropped 114 aqua-colored stone hearts into a jar before delivering her tribute - one for each wound inflicted upon her sister.

Judge Smith described the case as "probably the most difficult and shocking case" that St. Johns County has dealt with.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Bailey's family and loved ones at this time.

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