Professor debunks why some of your farts feel warmer than others

A university professor has offered up an explanation on one of life’s biggest mysteries... um, why some of your farts feel warmer than others.
Flatulence is often a topic that goes unmentioned, as many people inevitably tend to find it a little awkward discussing anything relating to bodily functions.

But ultimately it’s part of life, whether you like it or not - with doctors saying the average person is thought to fart between five and 15 times a day.

Some trumps might feel (or sound) different to others, including some that might seem warmer or hotter as they release.
But one expert has explained that there’s a perfectly good reason for it, having spoken to Men’s Health about why passing gas sometimes feels strangely warm.

Lisa Ganjhu, DO, clinical associate professor in the Division of Gastroenterology at NYU Langone Health, said farts can feel ‘hot’ as they exit the body, but this is actually due to perception, rather than a change in temperature.

"Everything is based on your body temperature," she said.

"The heat of the gas that comes out of your body is going to be the same temperature as what your body is."

Ganjhu explained that some people may feel a burning sensation when passing gas, which can appear ‘warm’.

However, you should never feel any actual pain, as this could be a sign that something is wrong - meaning she advises speaking to a doctor to make sure you don’t have hemorrhoids or fissures.

Ganjhu said burning may be caused by eating spicy or acidic foods.

One way to help counter that is to drink more water to help neutralise the acid.

"If it burns your mouth going down it’s going to burn your butt coming out," Ganjhu added.

"The tissue in your mouth is very similar to the tissue in your rectum."
As the NHS reassures us, farting is totally 'normal', but there are things you can do if you find yourself passing gas a lot, or if it's smelly.

"Farting is usually nothing to worry about," the NHS website says.

"Everyone farts, some people more than others.

"What's normal is different for everyone. If you notice a change or it's affecting your life, there are things you can do."

The health service advises, eating smaller meals more often, drinking or chewing food slowly with your mouth closed, exercising regularly to improve how your body digests food and drinking peppermint tea.

Don't however, chew gum, smoke or suck pen tops or hard sweets - acts that can let you swallow excess air - wear loose-fitting dentures, or eat too many foods that are hard to digest and you know makes you gassy.

The NHS also says you're best off not drinking too much beer, wine or fruit juice... Sorry, lads.

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