'Petty' bloke installs CCTV to mock drivers crashing into rock on his driveway

The rock placed at the front of Mark Coultous' driveway has become the centre of a TikTok debate as he refuses to move it - despite the fact motorists keep crashing into it Drivers all know that blocking someone's driveway is not really acceptable, but we're much less unanimous when it comes to using someone's drive to turn around.
One homeowner noticed cars were using the edge of his driveway to turn around on - and hitting a massive rock in the process. Instead of moving the rock, Mark Coultous decided to set up a TikTok exposing the CCTV footage of these drivers smashing into it.

Mark is refusing to move the offending boulder, saying it's "not his problem" that motorists keep hitting it and that the rock is clearly visible from the road - splitting opinions in the comments.
His TikTok videos of the cars falling foul of his rock, posted to his personal account and one called RockCamTok, have been seen more than two million times.

One supportive user said: "People shouldn't be driving over the pavement in the first place. If they do and hit a rock placed on his garden then tough luck."

Another said: "He can decorate his drive however he wants. It's the responsibility of the driver to make sure they don't hit anything on his property."

However, one said: "If you're going to put something there it should be something tall people so they can actually see from all angles."

Another added: "Looks to me like it's a known hazard."

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