People rush to defense of TikToker who was mocked for calling $80 purse a 'luxury item'

Social media users have run to a TikToker's defense after she was mocked for calling an $80 purse a "luxury item."

Singaporean influencer Zoe Gabriel, also known by her TikTok handle, @zohtaco, took to the video-sharing platform to let her 252,000 followers know about her latest purchase courtesy of her dad - a handbag from Charles and Keith.

The clip showed Zoe at the C&K counter before doing an unboxing for her fans. You can clearly see the excitement on the teenager's face as she pulls the black purse out of the dust bag and holds it up to the camera after carefully removing the protective wrapping. She even models the new item so people can get a better look at it in action.

However, rather than getting a positive reaction, she was actually met with some hostility from a few haters online.

In a follow-up video reacting to one particular comment that read "Who's going to tell her?" alongside a laughing face emoji, obviously mocking her, the Tiktoker was forced to address her family's financial situation.

She revealed that her family hadn;t had much money growing up so the gesture of being bought a lovely new bag had meant even more to her.

"We couldn’t buy new things as simple as bread from BreadTalk," she said, referencing a popular Singaporean bakery. "That kind of thing was a luxury to us... Every time we passed by a store, my parents would just say next time, but next time would never come."

She added: "To you, an $80 bag may not be a luxury. For me and my family, it is a lot, and I'm so grateful that my dad was able to get me one. He worked so hard for that money."

Both videos, which have now been viewed over 11 million times combined, gained traction with thousands of other Tiktokers rushing to Zoe's defense.

"Doesn’t matter if is a luxury brand, Its love from your dad, no Chanel or Hermes can replace a father love. Still happy for you," wrote one user, while another added: "Nobody starts at the same road, disgusting comments on what defines luxury for someone. You go love!"
"The comments section is not it. It may not be a luxury brand to you but it is to her. Money can’t buy class or contentment," a third said.

And this user pointed out that the brand is not "affordable" to everyone: "Charles & Keith is not affordable to a lot of people - I myself save up for it. So it might not be as grand as other brands..."
"Well if anything that is being bought by our parents, are luxury. it's not always abt [sic] price tag... sentimental values has no price tags."

"Proud of your dad and proud of you," said another. "Charles and Keith Rose from humble beginnings to reach their status too."
And it only got better for the teen who originally posted the videos back in January because the owners of the brand personally reached out to her and invited her and her dad to lunch at their headquarters as per The Straits Times.

Not only that, but they also gifted her more of their products including the most gorgeous black side purse with gold detailing, which she showed off in a separate video to TikTok.

Writing in the caption, Zoe stated that none of this would have been possible without the kindness of strangers.

"To everyone who has shown their support and endless kindness, this is for you," she said. "You have made things happen for me I never thought possible, taught me lessons I will never forget, and have given me so many valuable memories.

"I would not be here if it weren’t for you, and for the millionth time and counting, I give you all my love, thanks, and well wishes; I am forever grateful and indebted to you all," the teen concluded.

Zoe's collab with the brand now seems to be flourishing into something amazing, as they recently also posted a photo on their Instagram page showing her modeling a lilac-colored C&K handbag for International Women’s Day, announcing her as a new brand ambassador!

Who's going to tell the haters the news?

We wish Zoe lots of luck on her new venture!

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