Oscar nominee Tems called 'rude' for wearing outfit that blocked views

Oscar nominee Tems has been criticized on social media after her elaborate gown blocked the view of fellow attendees at the Academy Awards.

The 27-year-old Nigerian-born singer - whose full name is Temilade Openiyi - made a showstopping arrival at the award ceremony in a puffy white lace gown that hooded around the back of her head.

The songstress was nominated for Best Original Song for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever song 'Lift Me Up,' which was performed by Rihanna on Sunday night.

There were no complaints while she stunned on the champagne carpet, but once she took her place in the audience inside the Dolby Theater, it suddenly became clear just how bothersome the exquisite gown was going to be.
Photos of the 'Crazy Tings' hitmaker standing out in the crowd quickly went viral online, with one person writing in the caption: "Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud."

The tweet amassed 27.2K likes and 4.7 million views on the social media platform, with many users slamming the singer for her look.

One person shared: "I honestly thought they just wear clothes like this for the red carpet and take parts of it off for the main show. This is inconsiderate."

Another user said: "Who has to sit behind that woman with the white veil... rude."

A third interjected: "Jokes aside though, I don’t think her team thought this one through. It’s definitely an obstruction. They could’ve opted for the headpiece to be detachable and taken it off after the red carpet."

A fourth remarked: "I guess the people behind the white veil don’t get to see the show."

The 'Free Mind' singer's outfit wasn't the only one that caused a stir. Several users were divided over Florence Pugh - who attended the Oscars to present the award for Best Screenplay alongside Andrew Garfield - and her outfit of choice for the night.

The Midsommar actress donned a Valentino piece with a pair of black shorts, matching platform heels, and a floor-length gown-like top for the ceremony.

Fashion critics had many views on the ensemble, with one person exclaiming: "Thank goodness for Twitter, because every dress is 'INCREDIBLE' to the E people. THEY'RE NOT. FLORENCE PUGH LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS A DUVET COVER WRAPPED AROUND HER."

In other unrelated fashion news, Tems' song lost out on the best original award to 'Naatu Naatu' by the Telugu-language film RRR. The track made history by becoming the first Indian film song to win an Academy Award.

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