New York Woman Walks Out On Dinner After Her Date Refuses To Add Cheese To His Burger

A woman is pictured in a viral video telling a story about how she ended her date early because the person she was with refused to pay to have cheese on his burger.

Dafna (tiktok handle @dafna_diamant) reveals in the TikTok clip that she matched with a man on Hinge and decided to go on a dinner date with him. She says that they were having a good time until it was time to order.

Dine And Ditch

It started to go south when the waitress informed him that cheese would cost an extra $3, which proved to be a dealbreaker for Dafna. She was shocked that the man would refuse a measly $3 for a slice of cheese on his burger. “I’m like what the actual fuck? I’m like OK, I’m hungry I’m gonna get my branzino and see what happens. And he’s like, ‘oh my God, you have to pay extra for everything these days’ and I’m like, ‘yeah. It’s New York City,” she explains.

When their food arrived, she stayed to eat her meal, then informed her date that she needed to use the restroom.

“I took my purse and I went to the waitress and I was like, ‘hey, I just wanna pay the bill’ and I just paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant and I texted him,” she shares. “So I texted him, ‘the check is taken care of you should have gotten the cheese’ and I blocked him.”

Opinions, Opinions

In appropriate social fashion, several commenters have weighed in on what they think about the situation.

“LMAO I thought this was going to be about him commenting that your food was too expensive or not wanting to pay for branzino. You are insane,” one comment read.

Next time you go on a date, make sure you have an extra $3 stashed away for some cheese.

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