New GTA 6 “leaked screenshots” Surface on the Internet and Fans are Not Convinced

It seems pretty safe to suggest that the gaming community had pretty strong reactions across the entire spectrum to the suggestion that GTA VI could be as far as 2025. While some felt like Rockstar, in a bid to not jump the shark – have no sight of the shark itself – and would rather skate on by with Grand Theft Auto Online.
While others were relieved by the knowledge that their favourite video game franchise is in safe hands, with Rockstar’s continued dedication to excellence. Regardless of where one might fall on that particular spectrum – everyone is waiting for GTA VI with bated breath.

So while everyone sits around waiting for Rockstar to break radio silence – other more crafty members of the community have taken it upon themselves to go look for the game. That search usually results in a number of “leaks” and rumours – with the latest one apparently containing screenshots from an early dev build of the game.

GTA 6 “leaked screenshots” make their way onto the internet
Background Info:

According to the latest leak by r/Robultz, a regular GTA RP player, they recieved these particular images while playing with a “high-ranked member” in the community who had been working in the games industry for a couple of decades at this point. It isn’t a stretch to assume many industry professionals would frequent popular GTA Roleplaying servers such as FiveM.

The industry “insider” in question had a conversation with Robultz prior to leaving the community in which they shared a couple of images from an early build of GTA VI.

Robultz proceeds to explain that they couldn’t get in touch with the person post this conversation despite numerous attempts. The pictures were put up on GTAforums but were taken down, seeing as they didn’t have a description to go with the pictures.

Why these “leaks” seem “sketchy”, at best
A rumoured 2025 release schedule

According to some pretty substantial leaks by Tom Henderson, later supported by journalist Jason Schrieier, the leaks indicate that Rockstar have a 2025 release date in mind for the upcoming title. If that is the case, an early build that allows devs to test the game, much less run a benchmark test, seems like a stretch, at best.

Many in the subreddit were quick to point out that the game from which the screenshot of the benchmark test is from could actually be Cities: Skylines.

Although the HUD is pretty similar to GTA V, given the Green and Blue counters from Health and Armour respectively. Plus, the benchmark UI seems to be identical to that of Grand Theft Auto V’s.

If the 2025 release date theory is correct – then there simply couldn’t be a way where Rockstar already have a semi-functioning build already in 2021. Which is why the credibility of these leaks is sketchy at best, and the most information available about the source of this mystery industry professional is that they “know a lot of people and projects going on”, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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