Mom-Shamers Criticize Kate Hudson For Allowing Her Daughter To Have A Binky At 3 Years Old

Being a parent comes with plenty of responsibilities and challenges, and it’s unfortunately common for others to criticize the way other people parent their children. As prominent figures in the spotlight, celebrities are more accustomed to dealing with the constant critique of their every move, including their parenting styles. Kate Hudson has recently received plenty of backlash for allowing her 3-year-old daughter to continue to use a pacifier.

Hudson is most known for being an actress in a plethora of romantic-comedy films, including “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “You, Me and Dupree,” and “Bride Wars.” She is also known for being a fashion entrepreneur for her activewear line and brand called Fabletics. The star grew up with famous parents, and all of her siblings have since entered the entertainment industry as well, meaning Hudson is no stranger to the spotlight and the skepticism that comes with it. However, she has continued to show nothing but love and support for her youngest child and the choices she allows her daughter to make.

As a mother of three, it’s safe to say that Hudson has been through it all when it comes to parenting, and she has continued to allow her children to express themselves. That doesn’t mean everyone else supports her decisions, though, as many moms have continued to flood the comment section on Hudson’s Instagram post from Sept. 21, 2021, shaming her for allowing her 3-year-old daughter to use a pacifier — something that many people feel the child is too old for.

A Busy Mom
Throughout her life, Hudson has been used to being the center of attention and a prime figure in the entertainment industry, making waves as an actress, an author, and as a fashion entrepreneur. Hudson’s romantic life and home life have been just as busy and fulfilling. She first married Black Crowes’ frontman Chris Robinson in December 2000 in Aspen, Colorado. The pair had a son named Ryder, who was born in January 2004. The couple stayed together for a few more years before splitting up, with their divorce finalizing in October 2007.

In 2010, Hudson began dating another musician — Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. The pair welcomed their son Bingham in July 2011. However, Hudson and Bellamy did not stay together for too long afterward and ended their relationship in December 2014. Hudson has remained on good terms with both Robinson and Bellamy and co-parents her sons with them, respectively.

Just two years later, Hudson had her first date with Danny Fujikawa, a musician, actor, and record company co-owner. They had known each other for years beforehand and finally made the transition from friends to partners. On Oct. 2, 2018, she gave birth to her first daughter and her first child with Fujikawa named Rani. Hudson and Fujikawa have been engaged since Sept. 13, 2021.

As a mother of three children, Hudson has gotten used to juggling responsibilities while sharing sweet and special moments with her children on social media for the world to see. According to Yahoo, Hudson recently received some backlash on an Instagram post from Sept. 21, 2021, that featured her and Rani, with the most prominent part of the photo being Rani with a pacifier in her mouth.
Plenty of parents rushed to the comment section on Hudson’s post to share their distaste for her 3-year-old daughter still having a crib and still using a pacifier. One commenter said, “I totally adore you from the day you were born… please take the pacifier away from your precious daughter… Her teeth are being compromised.” Another commenter agreed, saying, “Take the pacifier away, that child’s mouth is already jacked up.” A third chimed in and said, “Time to grow little girl, you are 3.”

While the criticism was harsh, there was some truth to it. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) explained, “If your child sucks strongly on a pacifier or his thumb or fingers beyond 2 to 4 years of age, this behavior may affect the shape of his mouth or how his teeth are lining up.” The AAP recommends praising or rewarding children during times they don’t use a pacifier to help wean them off using one, as per Yahoo. The AAP also recommends keeping children busy if they tend to use a pacifier out of boredom.

Although Hudson hasn’t publicly commented on the negative feedback, she has continued to upload photos of her daughter celebrating her love for the child. On Sept. 26, 2021, the actress shared some beautiful photos of Rani celebrating National Daughter’s Day. Just a few days later, on Oct. 2, 2021, Hudson made a post in honor of her daughter’s 3rd birthday. “Our little Rani Rose is 3 today,” she wrote. “Her birth was as beautiful as the days that have followed. What a gift to our family. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!”

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