Middle-Aged Divorced Man Discovers He Has 25 Kids And Agrees To Meet Them All Face To Face

Back in the '80s, Peter Ellenstein was a fledgling actor who made regular trips to the sperm bank for some quick cash. He was an anonymous donor, meaning no one would ever be able to demand the sperm bank disclose his identity.

Though Peter eventually got married and then divorced, he never had any children of his own. Instead, he spent the next few decades picking up odd jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

At 57 years old, Peter was working as an Uber driver and had given up on his acting dreams. And he had long forgotten about his days as a sperm donor.

Then, one day in October 2017, Peter received a Facebook message from a young woman named Rachel. She said she was raised by a single mother and Peter was her biological father — and he had at least 25 other children.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Rachel had spent years trying to find her biological dad. As soon as she matched her DNA with 11 other donor siblings, they worked together to investigate as a collective group. Over time, they learned Peter Ellenstein was their donor, and he was once an actor from LA. Rachel typed his name into a Google search and found his Facebook profile.

The bombshell sent Peter into a state of shock. After much deliberation, he agreed to meet with Rachel — a decision that sparked an amazing chain reaction.

The children he fathered began crawling out of the woodwork to connect with him. In this clip, Inside Edition brings them all together for one epic family reunion.

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