Matthew McConaughey's Rarely Seen Teen Son Is His Twin in New Photos at Paris Fashion Week

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the McConaughey family. New photos snapped at Paris Fashion Week show Matthew McConaughey's teen son Levi is a spitting image of his father. What we wouldn't give to see these two paired up on screen together!

It looks like someone hit copy and paste with Matthew and his son.

Mathew's 14-year-old son attended Paris Fashion Week with his mother Camila Alves and sister Vida.

While the family enjoyed taking in shows like the one hosted by Stella McCartney, people couldn't get over Levi's striking resemblance to his father (it's us, we're people — for real, these two are twins).
The Daily Mail reported that the family attended the fall/winter 2023/24 presentation together.

It sounds like Matthew and his 10-year-old son Livingston stayed home while the other family members greeted photographers and posted for pictures outside the event.

Levi looks to have his father’s bone structure and sun lightened hair, which appears to be just as stylishly unkempt as his dad's, while also inheriting a bit of his Brazilian model mother's photogenic nature — check out that pose!

Levi is still a few years away from the age his father made his debut.

Mathew began his acting career in his 20s, but according to IMDB, his love of appearing in film started when he entered college. He appeared in a few student films and commercials before making his big break in Dazed and Confused.

If Levi wants to follow in his famous father's footsteps, he's only years away from getting a similar start as his dad.

The McConaughey clan looks surprisingly unruffled, considering what Camila went through while traveling.

Camila shared a scary video on Friday, documenting the aftermath of a turbulent plane ride. According to the model, the flight she was on dropped almost 4,000 feet, sending at least seven people to the hospital.

It looks like it was a scary time for her and Matthew, who she joked made a beeline for the bar as soon as they landed.
We're glad everyone is OK and having a good time following the scary incident.

Matthew and his family have to be thrilled to have their feet back on solid ground. We're so glad everyone made it through the flight OK (well, everyone other than those who ended up needing to make a trip to the ER) and that Paris Fashion Week seemed to be such a blast for the famous family.

We have a hunch we haven't seen the last of Levi!

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