Man gets favourite pair of Air Jordans tattooed on feet in painful eight-hour session

Nike's slogan may be 'Just Do It', but I don't think they thought anybody would take it so literally.
Well, one Nike super fan put his devotion on show by getting some of the brand's trainers tattooed onto his own feet. Blazej Ambrozak, 44, got some Air Jordans inked onto his feet by tattoo artist Dean Gunther in an eye-watering eight hour session. Ambrozak, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, described his spontaneous decision as 'painful' but insisted that he doesn't regret going under the ink pen one bit. The HGV driver said: "It was a spontaneous decision to get the trainer tattoo, but I really liked the idea because it is different and not something that you see very often.
"I love all kinds of Nike trainers, but Jordans are my absolute favourites so I decided that this was the pair that I would base my design on. "It was a very painful experience. The worst part was my toes and my heels, but it was worth the pain as the tattoo looks great. "Luckily, the recovery wasn't too bad for me either because my feet didn't swell too much. I was back at work within three days of having the tattoo." Gunther, 44, specialises in 'colour realism' tattoos and claims that it took ten hours in total to complete his work - two to draw them on and an additional eight to tattoo them. He explained: "He loves his Nike shoes and decided to get them tattooed on permanently. That just shows his commitment. He's tired of buying new shoes every few months, so now he can wear his Nikes even to bed.
"I thought it was very funny. His wife found it funny too. I think it's definitely a great icebreaker and he is a grown man, so I guess he can do whatever he wants. "It was definitely an unusual request. It took me two hours to draw the sneakers on and another eight hours to tattoo both feet in one day. I specialise in colour realism tattoos, and this is something completely different. "I like to do the odd crazy tattoo." Ambrozak's shoe inking is not Gunther's first unusual request - as he has previously penned a 'realistic' set of abs onto a man's stomach.
At the time, the tattooist said: "He always wanted to have a six-pack but he's not too keen on going to the gym or doing a diet. "So, he decided that by getting a six-pack tattoo, he will always look summer ready while still being able to enjoy beer and good food. "I was excited to do this tattoo because I've seen someone do it before, but it didn't look realistic, and it was basic black outlines. So, I decided to take on this challenge and do it completely differently. It's been one of my most unusual requests, but I am all for it."

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