Man faces 81 points on licence for speeding 22 times on the same road

A man is facing a hefty 81 points on his license after being caught speeding over 20 times on the same road.

Wembley resident Peter McPherson was caught speeding 22 times on the 30 mph stretch of the A40 Westway flyover.

Of course, we've all been slightly pushed for time and cranked up the speed on occasions, but it's clear that for McPherson, 58, he had made quite a habit out of speeding up and down the motorway.
The speedy driver was first caught on cameras in the summer of last year and was seen four times alone on 15 July, 2022.

McPherson's final dodgy drive was recorded on 1 August of that same year - and in that period of just under a month the driver racked up 22 offences while on shift for the Galicia Laundry services company.
The driver committed all of the offences within just three weeks of each other.

A temporary restriction of 30 mph was issued on the flyover back in 2020 and has since been made permanent.

Lawyers of the driver have revealed that McPherson already has seven points on his driving license. But following his A40 escapades, the driver now faces up to a whopping 81 points.

Bear in mind that drivers who have just a fraction of that number of points - 12 to be exact - on their license are commonly banned from driving altogether.

McPherson has since argued his case, claiming that not being able to drive his van would lead to 'exceptional hardship' after having worked at the laundry service company since he was just 16-years-old.
Speaking to the Evening Standard, McPherson admitted he was 'gutted' about the potential driving ban.

"I’ve been driving on that stretch of road for many years. I was so shocked when all these fines were sent to me at work. There was a whole pile of them," he said.

"If I lose my job I don’t know what I am going to do," he then admitted. "I’ve never been inside a court before so I’m very nervous, but I am going to court to ask not to have a ban as it will cause me hardship."

McPherson went on to say he had worked at the company for his 'whole adult life' and had always driven 'without problems'.

He added that the company were sent the fines because the vehicle was a 'work van'.

"Everything changed in such a short period of [time] to me," he added.
McPherson has since confirmed that he broke the speed limit on Westway between Terrick Street, White City and Paddington.

Solicitors from Patterson Law told Willesden magistrates that it was confirmed that McPherson would be entering a guilty plea for the 22 speeding offences last summer.

They stated: "In accordance with Schedule 2 Road Traffic Offenders Act for the offences of speeding our client will be at risk of 71 to 81 points.

"At the time of the offence our client had seven points, so will be at risk of a six-month disqualification for totting 12 or more points during a three-year period."

The solicitors concluded: "Our client intends to attend court and present an exceptional hardship argument."

McPherson's case is set to discussed in an open court procedure later this summer (17 May).

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