Man Escapes Farmhouse To Tell World His Family Has Been Trapped In Secret Room For 9 Years

A 25-year-old Dutch man walked into a pub in Drenthe, a province of the Netherlands. He seemed confused and disoriented, with long scraggly hair and a dirty, unkept beard.
The young man ordered some drinks and started conversing with the bar owner, Chris. As it turned out, the mysterious patron had a chilling story to tell.

The man proceeded to tell Chris that and his five younger siblings had been living in the basement of his father's farm house in Ruinerwold, a small remote village not far from the bar.

He claimed they'd had no contact with the outside world for nearly a decade. All the while, the siblings "waited for the end of time" under the instructions of their "doomsday" dad.

This young man had managed to finally make his escape from the bunker and flee the large property in the effort to put an end to their reclusive lives.

Chris helped the man call 911 — and now it was time for the police to go and see what exactly had been going on inside that farmhouse for so long.

What the cops found inside the home left them completely stunned. Watch the video to find out.

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