Louisiana sex offender who assaulted pre-teen girl to be chemically castrated

A Louisiana man found guilty of the rape of a minor will be chemically castrated after serving his 35-year prison sentence.
A judge ruled last week that 34-year-old Ryan Clark is to make no contact with the victim, register as a sex offender for life and give up all his parental rights to any children.

The decision to chemically castrate the convicted sex offender was revealed in a statement by Tangipahoa Parish District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, who said of the convict: "The first 25 years of his sentence is to be served without benefits, and he will receive credit for time served.

"He also must make no contact with the victims, register as a sex offender for life, forfeit all parental rights to all children and submit to chemical castration upon release."

Clark pleaded guilty to second-degree rape, molestation of a juvenile under 13, and sexual battery on March 1.

Just under two weeks later, the Honorable Brian K. Abels sentenced the Kentwood man to serve a total of 35 years in the Department of Corrections.
Perrilloux gave the following explanation of the case in his statement: "On July 16 of 2020, the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office was notified of indecent behavior between Clark and a juvenile by a person the victim had confided in.

"The person also explained this behavior had taken place for more than a year. The juvenile was then interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Hammond and was able to detail the incidents.

"A possible second victim was also discovered. From the information provided, a warrant was secured for Clark’s arrest, and he was taken into custody by TPSO on July 17 for the charges of Sexual Battery and Molestation of a Juvenile. With the discovery of more information, he was later charged for First-Degree Rape as well."

He continued: "On Feb. 12 of 2021, Clark was indicted by a grand jury for First-Degree Rape when the victim is under 13, two counts of Molestation of a Juvenile and Sexual Battery.

"On the first day of March of this year, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of Second-Degree Rape when the victim is prevented from resisting due to force or threats, two counts of Molestation of a Juvenile- under 13 and Sexual Battery."

Clark also has a previous conviction of Misdemeanor Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile for engaging in sexual acts in a public place with a minor. He was handed a 128 day-sentence in a parish jail for the charge in 2015.

Chemical castration has been legal in Louisiana since 2008 for those convicted of sex-related crimes, per WVUE.

It entails injecting the individual with medroxyprogesterone acetate, which suppresses a man's sex drive by lowering testosterone levels, according to the outlet.

The injections must be administered at least a week before the individual is released from prison.

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