Lawyer who quit job to start an OnlyFans says she now makes more money and is much happier

A lawyer who quit her job and took to OnlyFans has said that she now lives a happier life and is making more money on the platform.
OnlyFans has taken the world by storm as many have taken to the subscription site to earn some extra money, with some people earning a substantial amount and making it their full-time job.

The platform can be so lucrative that it's not uncommon for some creators to leave their jobs in favor of having the site as their sole source of income.

This is shown in the instance of Jazmen Jafar, an attorney who earned $75,000 a year but opted to leave her job and become a full-time OnlyFans creator - claiming that she can now earn her old yearly salary in just one month.

As reported by Business Insider, the 27-year-old made her annual salary in just one month on the platform, and in the first three months alone she made more than $180,000.

The OnlyFans model opted to use the name Jazmen Jafar to protect her identity - a name she came up with using inspiration from Disney's Aladdin (I'm sure we'll all agree that Jafar is the sexiest of all the villains).

The model has made around 1200 posts and 2200 videos during her time on the platform, and she does daily live streams which viewers can subscribe to for $7 a month.

Posting images of herself to the platform, she revealed that the account was set up in early 2021 and she joined the law firm later that year, but after her account took off she quit her job in March 2022.

Jafar sat down with Insider where she revealed that her parents set out a life plan for her to follow which included becoming a lawyer. The 27-year-old did this begrudgingly and even hoped that she would be unsuccessful during her job interview as she didn't want to pursue a career in law.

"Before, when my future was so laid out and I had a great long stable legal career in the works, I hated the thought of the future," the 27-year-old told Insider.

"I was working at the law firm during the day and at night I would come home and film content. I'd film all weekend too. It was always awkward going into the office on Monday and colleagues would ask how I spent my weekend and I'd say, 'Just relaxing indoors,' when really I was filming myself sucking dildos or whatever."

Working as an OnlyFans content creator isn't as easy as it sounds, however. Jafar admits that she now spends more time working each day than she did at the law firm where she would work 10-hour days.

Despite working more hours, the 27-year-old stated that she is happier working on the platform and although her family was shocked after she left the law firm, they still love her.

Jafar wants to use her platform to advocate for sex workers' rights and remove the stigma that casts a shadow over OnlyFans and their creators.

Jafar concluded: "For me, it's a first resort because I had a well-paid job that I could've done for the rest of my life. I chose this because I wanted freedom and happiness."

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