KIM Kardashian has been left in tears during the shocking new trailer of her family's Hulu show.

Hulu released drama-packed footage from the upcoming third season of The Kardashians.
During the trailer, the Skims founder burst into tears as she bowed her head in shame.

Kim, 42, covered her face with both hands, attempting to hide her tears.

"You think I need your permission!" the reality star yelled in the preview.

Kim admitted in her confessional: "Everyone has their own truth about what they think something happened."

Her sisters, Khoe, 38, and Kourtney, 43, appeared to be upset in the next shot.

As the drama between the famous sisters ensued, an emotional Kourtney argued with their 67-year-old mom, Kris Jenner: "There's no sense of loyalty!"

The third season of The Kardashians premieres May 25, 2023.

Kim's younger sibling Kylie Jenner, 25, previously confirmed production was underway for the Hulu show.

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