Johnny Depp admits he prefers new quiet life in Britain rather than Hollywood

To say that Johnny Depp has been in the limelight in recent years is certainly an understatement, and it seems he's since ditched Hollywood life for a rather unexpected British location.
The actor's divorce from Amber Heard brought massive media attention, with both alleging abuse against each other.

After a trial involving a defamation case, the jury unanimously found in favour of Depp, finding that what Heard wrote in her op-ed piece for The Washington Post was defamatory, and awarded him $15 million in damages.

The jury did award Heard $2 million in compensatory damages, finding that in her countersuit, she did not prove all elements of defamation.

Since then, Depp has understandably been trying to stay out of the public eye and is doing so in a rather surprising manner.
In an interview with Somerset Life, Depp revealed he actually prefers living the quiet life in Somerset rather than living a luxurious life in Hollywood.

I mean, that's no disrespect to Somerset, but it is not quite the 30-degree heat found in Hollywood is it?

However, Depp's home in the West County is certainly a fancy one, boasting 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Back in 2014, the actor splashed £13 million on the 19th-century mansion that comes with 850 acres of land.

Speaking to the magazine, Depp said: "I just love places with character. British people are cool and will greet you as if you are a neighbour — without going over the top.

"I like going to places, seeing things and meeting people — but I'm not the great extrovert that people think."

I think many of us see Depp as this massive extrovert due to the life he previously lived in Hollywood. But living in the English countryside actually goes hand-in-hand with how he wants to be.

"In truth, I'm quite a shy person," he admitted.

"That's one of the great things about Britain, and especially Somerset. I can just be me — and that's nice.
"I can go into shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies. I don't mind that up to a point, but sometimes it gets a little too crowded."

The interview comes after Depp has been getting around the UK a fair bit, leaving a lot of people shocked at his presence.

The Hollywood icon secretly visited the Hemswell Antique Centres in Lincolnshire, leaving staff and shoppers stunned as he popped in to purchase some guitars.

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