John Mellencamp's Grandchildren Join Him Onstage to Sing His '80s Hit 'Jack & Diane'

Fans who came to see John Mellencamp in concert in Los Angeles this week were treated to a special surprise while the singer was onstage. During the show, John brought his grandkids up to sing "Jack & Diane" with him, and it resulted in a truly adorable moment.

John was joined by family at his L.A. show

On Wednesday night, John's tour stopped in L.A., and that meant that some of his family members were in the audience. That includes daughter (and Real Housewives star) Teddi Mellencamp and her children.

And that means that proud grandpa John had big plans for that evening.

He brought the grandkids onstage

Before he began performing his legendary hit, "Jack & Diane," John said, "I have a surprise, I have grandchildren who are dying to help me sing this song."

Teddi's kids — 9-year-old Slate, 6-year-old Cruz, and 2-year-old Dove — joined their grandfather onstage for the song, and judging by the video, the audience seemed to love them.

Teddi shared a day-after update

She shared a photo of her with her children taken the day of the concert ... and an update that let us know that they may not have handled being out past their bedtimes too well!

"Which of these 4 rockstars attended the @johnmellencamp concert and today needs a Pedialyte and 4 naps?" she wrote.
John's song is still a hit all these years later

"Jack & Diane" was originally released in 1982, and here we are, more than 40 years later, with fans dying to hear the song live and in concert. It speaks a lot to the kind of career that John has had.

And sharing it with his grandchildren must be even more special.

These little ones are already rock stars in training

And we have a feeling they'll be invited onstage to perform with their grandpa anytime they want.

In the meantime, we hope they're all getting plenty of rest after their big night out. It sounds like they needed it!

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